Motivate yourself!


How is doing today with lockdown?

I'm off work, but I'm staying at a salon.

I wonder that customers are doing well.

When I locked down, my mind and body tend to be heavy. So I try to raise my motivation!

I usually use Japanese products, but now I enjoy Indian style self-care🎶
I'm being taught by Indian woman. If you are Indian, I'm sure you know the beauty method.


: Turmeric    1 pinch   ( Contains Curcumin. Sterilization, Dullness, Acne, Antioxidant )

: Chana Powder   2 big spoon   (Contains Zinc, Vitamin B, Isobravone, Potassium. Promote skin turnover, gloss )

: Yogurt   1 big spoon   (Contains Lactic Acid.  Whitening, Moisturizing )

: Milk   5ml

Mix everything except milk, then adjust the hardness with milk.

*Adjust the amount of turmeric according to your skin color.

Rinse off after about 20 minutes

*If you use a brush, you can apply it beautifully.

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